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Part 1

Dan chapter 2 shows the vision Nebuchadnezzar, the king of Babylon had but, it was a vision of the latter days, when the kingdom of God is being set up. The interpretation given to Nebuchadnezzar shows how the king of Babylon is the head of gold and has been given all authority over everyone and everything on the earth and as we know Nebuchadnezzar was only the king of Babylon not the king of other kingdoms at that time as Dan 10 shows. (Dan 2v28-38)   Proving again, the vision was not just for Nebuchadnezzar, but it had a far greater fulfilment to come in the latter days.

The God of Israel gave to Nebuchadnezzar the king of Babylon, the kingdom of Judah when he handed him the city of Jerusalem in 605, but, here, in this vision, we are talking about the latter days when the kingdom of God is being set up, so in this vision, the Kingly authority he now gives to the king of Babylon is over everyone including Satan and everything living even the other angelic kingdoms.

As Babylon is no more, we are talking angelic rulers that is why the revelations given to the apostle John was of heavenly visions about Babylon, only the head of gold is made known in Dan 2 and stands for the angelic king of Babylon and the other kingdoms are not named in the vision because the king is over them all as the head of gold.

The kingdom he gives to the angelic king of Babylon during the last days, is the symbolic city of Jerusalem, restored and being built up in fulfilment of Dan 9 and the king of Babylon today is not Nebuchadnezzar, who died over 2 thousand years ago, (who was the earthly counter-part)   but the angelic king of Babylon.

Just as ancient Jerusalem was sent under the nation of Babylon in 605, so too, the modern symbolic city of Jerusalem today, when she became apostate and sinful and had left all the healthful teachings of Charles Russell under Joseph Rutherford, (the earthly counter-part of the man of lawlessness) then by the end of 1931 she too had been handed over to the angelic “little horn” the prince of Babylon for 70 years in parallel to 605 BCE. Not Nebuchadnezzar, but now, JEHOVAH. Whom they will  have to serve for 70 years.

One of Joseph Rutherford's great changes came in the summer of 1931 when he completely ignored Charles Russell's guidence given in ZION'S WT of APRIL 1882, under questions and answers "WHAT NAME" quoting from 1st Corinthians chapter 3v1-4, and this is what took place.

In the summer of 1931 a convention was held in the United States and signs were placed everywhere with the letters JW. No one knew what it meant until the final address by Joseph Rutherford then it was revealed, they were no longer bible students under the Christ but from now on they were to be called by a new name, “JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES”. Everyone applauded this.
                   imagesCAQ2U6Q6               imagesCA9DN1PV

This was made public in November 1931 by the watchtower stating the city was no longer under the Christ but now under “Jehovah” as their husbandly owner as these watchtowers show.
                         WT 1    WT 2
They now announce Jehovah’s kingdom instead of the kingdom of Jesus.
They inserted Isaiah 43v10, "you are my witnesses says Jehovah"at the bottom in the lefthand corner and verse 11 reads, besides me there is NO saviour.
This being, a complete kick in the teeth for our lord Jesus who gave his life for us as our saviour.
imagesCAF2GSVJ imagesCAM4XUU1

Dan 9v24-27 shows the restoring and building of the symbolic city of Jerusalem from 1519-2002 to the messiah, and the 70 years under the little horn “the prince to come Jehovah”, ends in 2001.

It is at this time a treaty is made for the last 7 years covering this prophesy, and this will enable the messiah and his angels to visit the temple, to teach, and to free the kingdom heirs ready for their lord to return.

They only visit the temple ones because as Rev 11 shows, the city has been handed over to the nations, under Babylon, and a separating work takes place between the wheat and the tares, amongst the temple worshippers, then the wheat is harvested and removed from the city just like Lot was taken out from Sodom before its destruction, until now both seeds have grown together. (Matthew chapter 13v27-30).

Jesus now has access to the temple for 3 ½ years from March 2002-September 2005 This is when the vision of Nebuchadnezzar takes hold when the kingdom is being set up from 2002-2005, after this he is appointed the final ruler over God’s people in symbolic Jerusalem which includes the angelic ones. To explain this further.

Although the angelic prince of Babylon had been over the symbolic city since 1931, he was under heavenly restraints as 2nd Thes 2 shows, as the angelic man of lawlessness who is sitting inside the temple proclaiming to be God, his name is Jehovah. Now he has been brought back by Satan, all the restraints are removed and he is given the whole kingdom over everyone for 42 months.

It is at this time (2002-2005) the messiah reveals the angelic man of lawlessness identity to the true kingdom seed, which is Jehovah, by teaching them the truth about Exodus chapter 6v2,3 “by my name YHWH, translated Jehovah, I was NOT known to Abraham” hence NOT known to Israel by this name, and the covenant made with them was between "God Almighty and them" and as Ex 3v13-16 says, "this is my name for ever and thus I am to be remembered throughout all generations". Not by any other name.

Then the messiah’s angels removed the kingdom heirs from the city before Satan attacks the angels and he reinstalls the angelic prince of Babylon, Jehovah, as Revelation 13 shows, he is brought up out of the abyss by Satan, where he had been sent by Jesus on his appearing in 2002, and now Satan promotes him and gives him all his kingdom and authority over the earth as he had been defeated by Michael in the heavenly war when the dragon tried to snatch away the newly built up kingdom under the messiah, then  he and his angels were hurled down to the earth.

The angelic king of Babylon shall be king for the last 42 months (3 ½ years) which will end the prophesy of Dan 9 in 2009.
                          ANGELIC  KING of  BABYLON  

    feet of clay (2)HE IS THE HEAD OF GOLD. feet of clay (2)

2nd Thes 2v8, shows the man of lawlessness will be killed by the sword coming from the mouth of Jesus on his appearing, (2002) so in order for Jesus to inspect the temple, the man of lawlessness, Jehovah, would have to be removed from sitting inside the temple.

He was slain by the sword of the spirit just to reappear 3 ½ years later as the beast from Rev 13v2-5 whose head was healed from the sword, also 17v8, raised up by Satan and given all Satan’s authority and kingdom and he will reign as the head of gold (Dan2) the king of kings for 42 months. It is in this capacity he has control over all the other angelic rulers and all the angels when he returns in September 2005 he kills many of those angels that came with the messiah who returns back to his father.

Jesus is anointed and crowned the king over his kingdom and by the end of March 2009 he comes to claim the kingdom and meet up with all the angelic forces at Armageddon. This fulfils the image where the stone, God’s kingdom, smashes the feet of the image of angelic rulers and they will ALL be destroyed together. After this war where all the angelic forces of the king of Babylon are killed, the angelic king of Babylon is placed in the furnace alongside the false prophet.

The false prophet comes up at the same time as the reappearing of the angelic king of Babylon, and gets the people to make an image to the first ruler whose head was severed by the sword so that when the last ruler’s reign ends in 2009, the image will be placed in the temple and will still be worshipped as the god until the temple is cleansed.

This image consists of, a fully built tower of babel which was erected on the front cover of the new study watchtower of 15th January 2008 and it represented the king of Babylon’s commands until his rule ended, then the governing body used it to issue commands to the flock and their bible, the new world translation, in honour to their god Jehovah was placed at the foot of the tower.

This image was destroyed after Jesus took over the temple once more and by 15th January 2012 the tower of babel was removed, disappeared from the front of the study watchtower. It shows in the prophesy in Daniel 8, by 20th January 2012, the temple will be restored to its original state, and the tower of Babel in honour to their god Jehovah was destroyed from the front cover.

The greater Babylon, and it’s queen wearing her headdress.
                 images         WT 3

The abomination that causes desolation now comes upon the city and will desolate it until word goes out and the end is poured out upon the desolator The governing body took over the city as the food bearers, discrediting the FDS, this was confirmed in the June 15th watchtower 2009.
                                                     doc 1

So when the prophesy in Dan 8 shows the complete restoring of the temple to its rightful state, once more under Jesus, it is referring to the time when the temple was under Jesus in 2002/5.

The cleansing back to that time means, the man of lawlessness Jehovah, is no more, neither is the tower of babel and the temple has been cleansed from them forever.

(Daniel chapter 10v1 speaks of a Great War that Daniel saw and vss 13, 20)

As Dan 2 shows, the kingdom of our lord, represented by the stone, which smashes the feet of those angelic kingdoms under Satan and they are no more. The kingdom will now be given to the heirs and their husbandly owner Jesus. The smashing of the feet takes place at Armageddon at the end of the 42 months reign of the king of Babylon in 2009.


These are the heavenly kingdoms that have been over the kingdom of Judah since 605 BCE to 70 CE.

Starting with the capture of Jerusalem in 605 BCE the angelic prince of Babylon, the princes of Media and Persia, the prince of Greece and finally the angelic prince of Rome which ended with the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 CE.
References to these kingdoms are given in Dan chapters 8 and 10.

It is of interest to note here also that until William Tyndale was used in order to fulfil the prophesy in Dan 9 “to restore and build the city” until the messiah, God’s people were still under Rome as the religious head of the church until Henry 8th abdicated from the church of Rome forming the church of England.

The angelic prince of Babylon was chopped down for 7 times by angelic means during the days of Daniel and the tree which represented him in Dan chapter 4 was banded with copper and iron which was later removed in 1931 by divine providence and the tree representing him, the angelic prince of Babylon was again allowed to grow. That is why he is not mentioned in chapter 10 as standing in the way of Gabriel as he had already been chopped down.

Dan 2v44 says “In the days of those kings” while the kingdom of the heavens is being set up. The stone which represents the kingdom of God will smash the feet of the image and they will all be smashed down, destroyed all together.

As everything and everyone has been given under his hand he is the king of kings and all the angelic kingdoms under him will all be destroyed together at Armageddon. (Daniel chapter 10v1 speaks of a Great War that Daniel saw and vss 13, 20)

The representation of this image of a large tree which was re-established in 1931 under the angelic prince of Babylon once more, when the banding of copper was removed and he was allowed to grow once again as the angelic ruler over Jerusalem.

Jesus, the anointed king over the heavens and the earth came in 2009 to claim his kingdom, which resulted in the war amongst the ruling angels, at Armageddon. The feet were smashed and the last ruler, the king of Babylon, along with the false prophet were placed in the furnace.

As for the earthly rulers over the city, the governing body, evil slave, they will be destroyed shortly, but the original city have already been destroyed. Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania. It was destroyed by the people of the prince to come, Jehovah” the governing body, Dan 9, and the city has been divided up into three sects.

The watchtower bible and tract society of Pennsylvania

The watchtower bible and tract society of New York

The World headquarters of Jehovah’s witnesses.

It is the latter sect, the world headquarters of Jehovah’s witnesses that is prophesied to come on a wing of abominations who will desolate. They will take over from the angelic king of Babylon in 2009 and remain until the decree goes out against them. (Dan 9)

Matthew chapter 24 shows in v3 “what will be the sign of your coming and the close of the age” and v15, “when you see the desolating sacrilege spoken of by the prophet Daniel, standing in the holy place (let the reader understand) then flee” get out of the city and do not go back in for anything.

This desolating sacrilege was fully established by 15th January 2008 and has been demanding worship, also the evil slave has been desolating the city by all its stupid by-laws, must and must not, so the city is near its complete destruction now.




Part 2

The prophesies in Daniel of the little horn who will rule everyone in the final days can be found in chapters 7,8,9+12 and the Revelations of the apostle John coinciding with these are chapters 11,12,13.

Daniel 9:24 - 10:1 RSV

24 "Seventy weeks of years are decreed concerning your people and your holy city, to finish the transgression, to put an end to sin, and to atone for iniquity, to bring in everlasting righteousness, to seal both vision and prophet, and to anoint a most holy place.
25 Know therefore and understand that from the going forth of the word to restore and build Jerusalem to the coming of an anointed one, a prince, there shall be seven weeks. Then for sixty-two weeks it shall be built again with squares and moat, but in a troubled time.
26 And after the sixty-two weeks, an anointed one shall be cut off, and shall have nothing; and the people of the prince who is to come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary. Its end shall come with a flood, and to the end there shall be war; desolations are decreed.
27 And he shall make a strong covenant with many for one week; and for half of the week he shall cause sacrifice and offering to cease; and upon the wing of abominations shall come one who makes desolate, until the decreed end is poured out on the desolator."

490 years have been determined over your people and your holy city, Jerusalem. These 490 years will see the end of wickedness, sin and to bring in everlasting righteousness and to anoint the most holy. All will take place during this time period.

From the time the word is given to restore, bring the people back together and to build symbolic Jerusalem unto the messiah, the “prince”, there will be 7 weeks of years and 62 weeks of years by which time the messiah would be here. Note! The messiah is referred to as a prince. The messiah does not become the official anointed king until after the attack on him and his angels half-way through the final 7 years. When he returns to his father to claim his inheritance.

This is the time we are at right now, the prophesy started in 1519 when William Tyndale, a young man, was moved through the holy spirit to translate God’s word into English so that everyone could read the bible, because at this time, only the Catholic clergy had access to God’s word and it was spoken only in Latin.

After the building work of 69 weeks in all, it brings us to the end of 2001. The covenant made amongst the ruling ones (angels) for 7 years, this was to give access to the messiah to visit the kingdom seed and to restore pure worship but it was broken halfway through when Satan tried to snatch away the kingdom from Jesus which is recorded in Rev 12.

So halfway through 2005 Satan attacks the angels that came with the messiah even killing some of them, (Rev 11) the messiah returns to his father and it is at this time he is anointed with holy oil from his father and becomes the king over God’ s whole kingdom. The war with Satan and the angels will continue until the end, which is at Armageddon.

Jesus waits for the reign of the last ruler to end (42 months) then they are all gathered to a place called Armageddon for their final destruction. Those angels that fight against Jesus are all killed and the little horn and the false prophet are placed in the furnace forever.

Satan, after losing the war with Michael (Rev 12) now knows his time is short so he persecutes the heavenly angels that are in the vicinity of the earth, and then goes after those who make up the kingdom seed. This covers the background for the time we are living in.

In a nut-shell!

The first half of the 7 years, 2002, (3 ½ years) the messiah is here for an inspection visit with his angels and the two angelic witnesses of Rev 11 search out the kingdom seed, they separate the kingdom seed from the weeds, which are then set aside ready to be burned. (Matthew chapter 13v24-31).The kingdom seed are then taught the truth and the man of lawlessness is revealed to them, they are then removed from the city just like Lot was taken out before its destruction of Sodom. So too, all the kingdom seed are removed before it is handed over to the little horn, now the powerful king of Rev 13. Then the city will be destroyed.

The attack upon the angels take place and some are killed, the city is now under Satan’s representative the little horn, now a mighty king and the city will be destroyed just as Dan 9 shows. The little horn is now head over all the angels, in the earth’s heavens, he is the king of Babylon as chapter 2 shows, he is the head of gold, and this new symbolic city of Jerusalem is given to him along with everyone else. As the city is a spiritual city, it will be destroyed spiritually by the angels and not man.

For the next 3 ½ years from September 2005-end of March 2009 he will rule over the earth but especially over God’s people in symbolic Jerusalem.

Dan 7

shows this little horn will be given charge over the “high saints” (angels) for 3½ years then when his reign ends, a great war at Armageddon takes place to remove those demonic angelic rulers, after which the high saints under Jesus will take over the kingdom and later it will be given to the people of the high saints, the true kingdom heirs.

As Rev 11 show some of these “high saints” will be killed. These are the angels under the Christ.

        He will reign from September 2005 – end of March 2009.

Dan 8

He grew very great and even went up against the prince of the host, the messiah, whom the daily sacrifices were taken away from, and he cast down his sanctuary. As we have seen from chapter 7, the high saints were given to him for 3 ½ years and he dominated them to their injury, as it shows in 8v10.

Power was given him over the host, the city, and the sanctuary, (sanctuary means, temple, church) and the truth he crushed down to the earth. It says in v12, power was given to him over the daily sacrifices for the iniquity, and the dictionary’s definition for iniquity means wickedness, sinful, gross injustice and unfair. So for him to remove the daily sacrifices from the messiah shows this will be a great injustice and sinful. Daniel then heard the saints speaking to each other. These two angelic witnesses swear to the outcome of the gross injustice of the sanctuary being handed over, so the matter must hold true and it will take 2,300 days, then the sanctuary, church, will be restored to its rightful state.

2,300 days are 6 years, 4 months, and 20 days. Based on 360 days.

So, from September 2005 ~ 20th January 2012 then the temple will be restored back to its rightful state.

What is also interesting, the kingdom seed were all removed in 2005 before the last king took over the city.



                                          GREAT INTEREST.
                         Part one, concerning the earthly family.

Because of Adam’s disobedience to live in the beautiful home God provided for him he was turned outside. Genesis chapter 3v22-24 shows that now Adam has been turned out of the home he was provided for he would not have access to the “tree of life” which would have kept him living forever.

So logically speaking then, Adam did not pass on to the human race, sin and death because of his disobedience directly, he passed on to the human family sin and death because he did not have access to the tree of life still inside the garden home he was given. Logic dictates then, if he still had access to that tree of life he would not have died and so he could not pass on death to us. That was why God placed the “cherubim and a flaming sword which turned everyway, to guard the way to the tree of life”. It was very important that Adam could not have access to it and continue living. Without that food his body slowly decayed and eventually his organs died.

The command was given to the man before Eve was created and he would have made sure she also knew of the forbidden tree which is confirmed with her conversation with the angelic one who materialized into a serpent in order to deceive her. (Gen 3)

It is of interest that after Eve had eaten the fruit her eyes were not opened right away, WHY? Is it because she disobeyed her husband and not God directly, it was AFTER she gave some to her husband. And he ate, then both their eyes were opened and they hid themselves. So Eve could rightly say she had been deceived by the angelic serpent but not Adam, he was not deceived in any way. Is it possible, Eve had told him she had already eaten of the tree a while earlier and nothing had happened to her so why can’t he eat from it too? We shall never know the answer.

From the very beginning of the human family we have been governed and influenced by angelic ones and it was one of these angelic sons of God who put us on the spiral downhill path leading to our death. Again it was the same angelic sons of God who used the human family to procure children for themselves and the whole earth became corrupt with them and their offspring. Which again, caused the earthly family even more problems which resulted in the “flood in Noah’s day” where everything was destroyed except 8 souls in all alongside the animals that went with them.

So again the human family was punished for what the angelic sons were doing on the earth. By causing a world-wide flood to cover the earth and to destroy all life on the planet it would have included all the hi-bred, children born of angelic men and earthly women. As for the angelic sons of God, they would have gone back to their natural angelic bodies and survive the flood.

Jude speaks of these ones in his letter v5-7. Also 2nd Peter 2v4-6. Both show what happened to those angels who sinned. In Peter’s 1st letter 3v18-22 he shows after Jesus had been resurrected he preached to these same angels awaiting judgement.

1st Peter 4v17-18 shows judgement will start with the house of God, that being his household first, the angels. The angels have been influencing the human family since the garden of Eden Jesus expelling many while he was on the earth, so Gods judgement will have to start with these sons.

In order for our saviour and our king Jesus to take over the earthly realm he will have to eliminate all the angelic sons who have been influencing us, they will all be gathered together to the place in Hebrew called “Armageddon” and will be dealt with. (Rev 16v16) Again we shall have to suffer from these angelic sons who are gathered at the place called “Armageddon” because they are not going to give up their rule over us very easily. They are going to hurt us in retaliation for their destruction.

The prophesies show in Daniel 9v25-27 the end will come with a “Flood” and also in Rev 12v13-17 it speaks of a flood being poured out by the dragon Satan, then he wages war on the seed of Jesus. So we shall have to suffer even more yet. It is possible that as the floodwaters were sent down upon the angelic sons of God to destroy them at the flood in Noah’s day so too the angelic son’s will use the same tactic upon the angelic armies sent to destroy them. It shows in Rev the earth came to their rescue and swallowed the waters, could this be the freaky weather we are having right now with all the floods?

What is interesting now is, the waters in the beginning were divided into two halves, one making up the seas on the earth and the other forming a water canopy over the earth to protect the earth from the strong rays of the sun. (Genesis 1v6-9) it was this canopy of waters which fell as the flood in Noah’s day, exposing the earth to severe hot and cold areas.

The two artic circles not receiving the heat from the sun froze over rapidly and stored up the waters that fell from the canopy. Scientists today have discovered the ice is melting rapidly, but where is it going? It is not flooding the earth so it is possible the canopy is being replaced slowly starting in that area of the earth. It will need to be replaced if the whole earth is going to become a world-wide paradise home for us, just as God’s plans in the beginning with his garden. It could be this body of water that the serpent Satan uses upon the angelic armies which swamped the earth, to sweep them away just like in the days of Noah.

It is also interesting to note, the area of those floods today are in a line which circles the “Antarctic” in the South.

The “Antarctic” in the South, Australia to South America, Brazil.


The “Artic” in the North coming down as very cold and falling as snow and ice over much of the arctic circle, Europe and Asia. (winter-time)

Could this be what Jesus meant when he said, “unless those days of tribulation are not cut short, no flesh would be saved, but on account of the chosen ones, those days will be cut short. Mark 13v19-27, “the stars will be falling from the heavens” could that mean angelic son’s or snow flakes, which resemble stars each one differs from another one.

“Act of God” this saying is very popular when sudden catastrophes occur, but are they really an “act of God”?   Did he actually bring this upon the earth? Or is there another reason for them? What we need to remember is, he sent Jesus to the earth to live amongst us and to pay a ransom for Adam which means we shall have “life” instead of death as our inheritance.

By this God showed he cared for us and do not want us to die which we inherited from Adam. He has promised us a new heavens under the Christ, and it is the old heavens that are causing all our hardships today, the rulers in the heavenly realm under Satan. He would love people to blame God instead of himself for these terrible things.

Just as the tree of life was blocked for Adam to eat from, which would have kept him living, causing the breakdown of his body leading to death, so too, Jesus has said in John chapter 6, he is the bread of life which has come down to the earth for people to feed off. He says, everyone eating from my body, the bread of life shall not die but have eternal life. Jesus represents that original tree of life in the garden of Eden, with his body which is likened to the manna in the wilderness which was provided by God to keep them alive, but with Jesus bread, his body, we can have eternal life. He represents the tree of life today for all those who put faith in him as their saviour.

Once the old heaven’s have been totally destroyed, all the rebellious angels causing all out grief today will be burned with fire and Satan will be put into prison, the Abyss, to await his fate, the new heavens under our new king and saviour with his bride will rule in righteousness. No more will we be influenced by the unrighteous angelic sons again.


                                         The events leading up to day?

The prophesy in Daniel 9v25-27 covers the last 490 years before the return of our saviour as the anointed king of the whole earth.

It started in 1519 CE when word went out from our God to “restore and rebuild Spiritual Israel ready for the new heavens. Until this date, the whole of Christianity was governed by the Roman Catholic Church and all its teachings and sermons were said in Latin, which no one really understood. So, before the building up of spiritual Israel takes place a “restoring” needs to be done which will take the first part of that prophesy of 7 weeks, =49 years. (The Bishop’s bible 1568)

This restoring is to restore God’s word so that everyone could understand it. This is what William Tyndale was commissioned by our God to do. He used the original writings to do this work translating it all into English for the first time. Once God’s word had been restored to everyone, then the next stage of the prophesy could begin, the building up of spiritual symbolic Jerusalem, which covers the next 62 weeks = 434 years added to the 49 years = 483 years. By then the prophesy says the anointed one will be here.

This brings us to 2002 when the Christ made an inspection visit to the temple ones making up his body in symbolic Jerusalem, as the “Elijah” who prepares the way for the anointed one as king.

For the last 7 years an agreement is made between Satan the god of the earth and the beast of Babylon for the Messiah the prince to be here for an inspection visit upon the kingdom heir’s, spiritual Israel allowing the anointed one to set up his kingdom. Satan’s plans are: ~ wait until this has been set up then capture the kingdom and destroy it. (Rev 12)

For 3 ½ years the temple ones are taught by the 2 witnesses sent to help them they are instructed to leave the city before it is handed over for destruction to the angelic king of Babylon. Satan attacks the angelic ones after their teachings end (3 ½ years) then, war breaks out in the earth’s heavens between Satan and Michael and the defeated Satan is hurled to the earth with his angels. He now re-invents the angelic king of Babylon Jehovah, and gives him all his kingdom (the king of Babylon was removed as the head over God’s people in 2001 after 70 years of captivity) The head that was severed is now healed. (Rev 13,17) This one now reinstated will rule over the symbolic spiritual city for 42 months, 3 ½ years.

Now the 7 year treaty broken, the new king of the earth is the angelic king of Babylon, the little horn, he is set up as Satan’s antichrist mimicking Jesus and he attacks his fellow angelic brothers and re-captures the symbolic city of Jerusalem. He will rule for 42 months until his destruction. The war continues in the earth’s heavens until the end of that 42 months then climaxes into the full blown battle at Armageddon. This is God’s judgements upon his heavenly sons but the earth comes under this tribulation too, because the rulers are not going to give up their kingdoms easily.

So from 2009 we have come under the great tribulation at Armageddon amongst the heavenly ones. We need to remember Jesus words where he said, “unless those days were cut short, no flesh would be saved, but on account of the chosen ones, they will be cut short.

Rev 16 shows Satan going after “the woman” his angelic brothers and the seed of them which primarily is Jesus but as he cannot reach Jesus, he goes after all his people instead, ones who have taken the name of Jesus, Christians.

It is of interest the devastations by floods have been mainly on Christian countries. Brazil, Rio-de-Janeiro has a large stone statue of our Lord Jesus and that country have been devastated. Australia, South America, Haiti, and not forgetting the UK which was flooded with water and snow including large parts of Europe. Remembering too, it was the English translation which broke away from the dominance of the Church of Rome, forming a new church, the Church of England, which provided everyone with their own copy of God’s word.

Very shortly Satan will be placed in the Abyss where he will stay for the reign of our lord and saviour. The canopy will be replaced in order for the earth to become a world-wide paradise.



         GREAT   INTEREST part two, concerning the heavenly family.

Our God created all his heavenly sons who are spirits in nature. After creating his first-born spirit son, he used him to make the others. We do not know very much about this at this stage as we are of the human family.

When the time came to create the earthly family, both animals and humans, he used some of his sons to care for them. One of them in particular became notorious and deceived Eve to disobey her husband and his creator. This spirit son is also called “the father of the lie” because he was the first one to lie against his own father and to the earthly daughter Eve. He said “ you will certainly NOT die as God has said if you eat from the tree. Gen 3v4.

This spirit son became known as “Satan” meaning resistor, Rev 12v9, John 8v44. He was given a position of trust to care for the first human couple in the garden and he abused that trust and had to be punished too. Gen 3v14-16 shows his punishment. These words are addressed to the angel Satan himself and not to the earthly created, snake. He and the rest of his angelic brothers were to be enemies from now on, he will remain on the earth as a serpent forever instead of returning to his heavenly abode. He will be cursed by everything and everyone on the earth. He will hate the seed, Jesus and rejoice over his death. As the human family chose Satan over their creator to be their god, they will come under him as their overlord for the future.

As the population grew on the earth, Satan controlled the events that followed. Angels saw the daughters of man and wanted to enjoy their sex lives with them and had children by them. We do not know at this time all the details involving this but action needed to be taken against them before things become too bad. They would have taken over the pure human family and have it replaced with these hi-bred children instead.

When the earth was being created to house man, the waters on the earth had to be contained in one place instead of covering the earth. Gen 1v7, 8. As the earth in the beginning was a ball of hot gasses and as it cooled it formed a water vapour which covered the earth like steam, then when cooled this steam formed water. The waters were collected and divided with an expanse in between them, the water on the earth became seas and the water above the earth became a canopy to protect the earth from severe hot and cold.

Our creator used this canopy of water to cause a world-wide flood to cover the earth and to destroy all life which had been contaminated by the angels and their offspring. Only 8 souls survived this flood by obeying their heavenly father to build an ark. The earth had now been cleansed to start the human family off again, but what about the angels that had sinned?

They too had to be punished, just like Satan had been confined to the earth, so too, these angels will be confined to the earth also. They will be bound to the earth until judgement day, Jude v6 and 2nd Peter 2v6-9 speaks of their fate. We know when Jesus was here on the earth he expelled many of them who had found human hosts in order to live as parasites. They have been punished and confined to live amongst the dust of the ground amongst the very ones they abused.

After Jesus had been resurrected it is said he preached to these spirits who were in captivity before returning to the father. This took place during the 40 days he spent after his resurrection as a spirit son once more. The fact that the resurrected Jesus preached to them was a sign they could now repent of their sins and this would also be through his shed blood because now they are under the same judgements as the human family.

Rev 7v9 speaks of these ones as having washed their robes in the blood of the lamb and is allowed in the heavens to worship God around his throne forever, they are said to be a “great crowd”. So the preaching work the resurrected Jesus did to these fallen angels obviously worked for some, maybe for all, who knows? But of course this does not take place until after the battle with Satan and the overlords of the earth.

They will be gathered together to a place called “Armageddon” where they will be finally dealt with. Then the heavens will be cleansed of all unrighteousness ready for the return of the messiah for his reign. Then the resurrection takes place, the ones bought from the earth to be with their Lord Jesus and the great crowd to be around the throne of God. (these being the fallen repented angels)

It is only after the thousand year reign of the Messiah, Satan will be set free from his imprisonment the Abyss. He will then go to war against the new Zion but he will be defeated and finally destroyed.



                                   GREAT INTEREST part 3

To remember the Passover meant to be happy and joyful. The Israelites remember the fact that God’s angels passed over their homes and did not kill their first-born children. “This day shall be for you Memorial Day and you should keep it as a feast to the lord throughout your generations you shall observe it as an ordinance for ever”. Exodus 12v14.

It was during the meal that Jesus and his apostles were eating on the “day of preparation” (the day before the Passover when the lambs were killed) took a loaf, prayed to his father, broke it and gave it to them to eat, this bread was a symbol of Jesus body. John 13v1-30 shows the events of that night before the Passover, then it shows the events that followed, v27-30 the apostles thought Judas was going out to buy things for the feast, the Passover, but in actual fact, he was going to betray Jesus.

This make another interesting point because JWs teach Judas was not present when Jesus instigated the bread and the wine, but here it shows quite clearly he was present.

Jesus also taught the people in John 6v4-60, in this Jesus tells them he is the living bread which came down from heaven and like the manna which they ate during the wilderness gave the people food and life, so too anyone eating from him will gain everlasting life. He does not say only some will have everlasting life, but everyone who believes in him and in the one who sent him will. They were to show faith by eating the bread and drinking the wine he gave them.

Again, JWs teach only certain ones must eat from our lord, this is not what he says, everyone must eat of it if they are to receive eternal life.

JW’s celebrate this event today as the “celebration of Jesus death”. They actually celebrate his death, which they say is better than his birth, just like the scribes and Pharisees did in Jesus day, they were pleased Jesus had been caught and killed.

Since the 1930’s JW’s have displayed an ark of the covenant on the front of their WT journal, they also refer to themselves as ISRAEL quoting Isaiah 43. And just like the scribes and Pharisees of the first century, they CELEBRATE Jesus death.

                                     HOW DISGUSTING CAN THEY GET?

                                   To celebrate the death of our Lord Jesus.


                                 THEY ARE  THE  SLAVE  OF  THE
                              "ANGELIC MAN OF LAWLESSNESS".

They have been exposed many times for their apostate teachings but, those still inside the symbolic city of Jerusalem are still blinded to the truth of God’s word the bible, and are still slaves of this man of lawlessness, who is using the governing body today. 2nd Thes 2 says this one is sitting in the temple of God proclaiming to be God, his name? "JEHOVAH".

Everyone who is familiar with this journal can now go to any of the following journals to check them out.








Thank you for trying to free yourselves from the greater Babylon.

“Get out from amongst them” and my God will take you in.

                                DON’T REMAIN BLIND,

This journal was set up in 2005 to help ones still inside the ORG to check their teachings and beliefs.

Since that date, the governing body has made the "faithful and discrete slave" class reduntant and have assumed authority instead. This has been made public in their watchtower of 2009.

They have fulfilled all the prophecies needed before their end which will come shortly.

The call in Revelation chapter 18v4, "COME OUT OF HER, MY PEOPLE, LEST YOU TAKE PART IN HER SINS, (RSV)
This call is being made to all God's people still inside. "COME OUT AND QUITE TOUCHING THE UNCLEAN THING". When you were first contacted by Jehovahs witnesses you were told, to examine your church's teachings against the bible's. Now I am asking you all to examine your teachings against the bible's teachings and you will be amazed at the difference.

Don't forget this means your LIFE:~
While you are at it, check out these scriptures in your own bible, the new world translation.
Genesis chapter 15v2, 6-8, 18v22, 25v21, 28v10-16, and now check them against Exodus chapter 6v3 which says "I appeared to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob, as God Almighty but by my name Jehovah I did not make my self known to them". Also in Exodus chapter 3v15 which says "The Lord the God of your father's ~ this is my name for ever, and thus I am to be remembered throughout generations". AS THE LORD, not by any other name.

But, because of your teachers, meddling with God's word the bible, and listening to the "preface" inserted inside the cover instead of God's declaration in Exodus 6v3, they have made our God to be a liar, they say he was known to Abraham and he says he was not known to Abraham, so who ARE YOU GOING TO BELIEVE, YOUR TEACHERS OR GOD'S WORD?